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Agnes Wehr
Agnivela Range
Agnes Wehr

The Agnivela Story


The businesswoman, sleep and relaxation expert Agnes Wehr, trained yoga teacher and therapist from Zurich, is the founder and managing director of Agnivela GmbH. Agnes Wehr has been advising people who want more balance in life for many years. Her focus is on teaching her clients specific relaxation techniques so that they can develop more composure and become permanently more resistant to stress.

Agnes Wehr observed how helpful special essential oils are in her therapeutic work. Thanks to the fragrant scents, your customers were able to relax more quickly during the exercises.

Essential oils can also be used to improve sleep and promote a better environment for a good night's sleep by counteracting stress, tension and low mood. Stress and anxiety in particular are a common reason for sleep and relaxation disorders. There is a lot of research showing that essential oils can be used to relieve these symptoms and ailments. Excited about the positive effects of essential oils, Agnes Wehr wanted to offer her customers an all-natural relaxation and sleep-promoting aromatherapy series.

Through a recommendation, Agnes Wehr came to the well-known perfumer and experienced aromatherapist Kim Weisswange, who commissioned her to create the Agnivela aromatherapy products.

„Natural remedies such as essential oils can help with relaxation and against insomnia. Many exhausted people look for ways to get the sleep they need or to boost their immune systems. Essential essences do not have side effects like some sleeping pills. In addition, these do not have an effect on the underlying stress, but only alleviate it for a short time.” 




Agnes WehrAgnivela Founder & Managing Director

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