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    Jul 1, 2020

The Agnivela philosophy

Relaxation and new strength through the stored life energy of essential oils. Aromatherapy is used for health care. Essential oils can mobilize the self-healing powers and strengthen the immune system.


The recipes were developed by the well-known perfumer and experienced aromatherapist Kim Weisswange on behalf of Agnivela. Only the finest raw materials are used in the Agnivela Aromatherapy series. Environmentally friendly and energy-saving production is important to us. The bottles, closures and necessary outer packaging are made of recyclable materials.

The Agnivela quality

Certified, vegan natural cosmetics - Made in Germany

The raw materials for Agnivela products come from all over the world. The production location in Hamburg is very favorable, as Hamburg is one of the main transshipment locations for essential oils. Transported by sea in containers, the countless raw materials for cosmetics reach the port of Hamburg. In order to be able to guarantee product safety, safety assessments and marketability tests were carried out on Agnivela products by an independent test laboratory. Knowing that essential oils can only unfold their rich effects, Agnivela uses 100% vegan, natural quality oils from controlled organic cultivation.

The finest natural raw materials are used in the Agnivela Aromatherapy series:

• with ingredients from controlled organic cultivation

• without synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives

• tried and tested in aromatherapy

• without mineral oil products

• free of microplastics

• recyclable packaging material

• 100% vegan and cruelty-free production

• environmentally friendly and energy-saving production

• Made in Germany

Agnivela Range
Agnivela Glasflaschen Kosmetikaborgläser
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